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If you're a landlord out there and after showing many prospective tenants your house has been liked by one of such tenant, then it is for sure a sign of relief for you. But before fully finalizing your deal, here are some of the guidelines that you should go through and follow when you choose a tenant for you house.

Here are a few tips on choosing a right tenant:

    The most essential tip of choosing a right tenant for your property lies in the fact of getting up-to-date references of the tenant from his former landlord and his present employer. The information will help the landlord know as to how regular was the tenant in paying rents, what are his habits, good, bad, the time he used to come home, was he messy or cultured and civilized in nature, etc. From the employer valuable information in terms of his work ethics, of how regular and hardworking he is at his work. The landlord will have to ensure the authenticity of the information and that of the people who have referred as well. As these days, friends can lie and be approached for writing references.
    The second most essential tip is to ask for the tenant’s identity documents. As these days, people who don’t have good working record, or have bad image, or wants a house on rent for doing unethical works, do create wrong identity documents. It is therefore of uttermost importance to ask, check and verify personal identity documents of the tenants, such as birth certificate, passport, driving license, etc. This will ensure landlord’s trust for his/her tenant.
    The next most essential thing to get it known of tenant is his affordability. More often than not, a prospective tenant might often want to go for a better furnished house which always costs higher. Even if the rent is out of his capacity to pay, he would still want to live on rent in that house. Then there would surge the problem of non-payment of rent resulting into arrears in rent. To avoid such a situation, it is therefore, advisable to ask the current employer of the tenant about his wage/salary and get it known that the amount might change later on. This information will help landlord know if his rent income would be regular or not.

So, if you are a landlord and have already found a tenant for your house, then you should only finalize the deal once all of the enlisted three things have been given to you by him. If you feel satisfied after verifying, only then should you finalize the deal.

However hassled process it may be, but the aforesaid tips must be any landlords list for his tenant, if he wants his house to be in safe hands and wants regular income from rent.


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